Saturday, May 6, 2017

Selling Yourself

At the risk of sounding egotistical, it wouldn't make any difference what I sold---automobiles, computers, real estate; I'd still sell the world's number one product. I will feel this way if I were a CPA, an attorney, or a doctor.  No matter what I did for a living, I'd brainwash myself into thinking I was number one. If I didn't think this way, no one else would either. And you should also believe
​that you sell the world's number one product---- YOU!!!! I think its vital for you to know that you're unique. Once you do, you'll realize how much of a difference you make in determining whether the prospect buys your product. Lets face it, we each have a monopoly on our own unique combination of attributes.

​No matter what you sell, you make a difference. There are thousands of MLM companies in the world. Some offering different products in the MLM industry, from health care supplies, personal care products, beauty supplies, and travel services, etc. What this boils down to is, you must sell yourself. The prospect must like you, and believe in you. If not, there is no reason anyone should buy from you instead of someone else.

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